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Smallspark Space Systems and Leaf Space to offer ground-station services to the UK

Cardiff-based aerospace company Smallspark Space Systems has entered into an agreement with Leaf Space, an Italian provider of ground segment services to satellite operators and launchers, to bring ground station services to UK Government and private sector clients. Smallspark and Leaf Space plan to deliver joint bids for projects with the UK Government and other commercial operators in the UK , with the aim of becoming the primary contractor for services related to supporting the UK governments ambitions with OneWeb, the proposed 650-satellite constellation which will provide worldwide satellite internet and broadband services to people across the globe.

This collaboration promises to change the landscape of UK aerospace, with the companies jointly providing UK-based services for OneWeb, including the development of low-cost, rapidly-deployable ground stations, expansion of ground segment coverage to new geographies, as well as operating & maintaining OneWeb’s existing ground station networks.

If successful, the bid will kick-start rapid development across the space value chain, creating new skilled jobs, and providing opportunities for investment across the sector, with new sites proposed across the country, and exploring the potential of manufacturing opportunities in the UK.

Commenting on this agreement, Joe Ward, Chief Executive Officer of Smallspark Space Systems said, “Working with Leaf Space is an exciting opportunity for both Smallspark and UK Space as a whole; with the UK’s goals of dramatically expanding its reach into space, we’re keen to help support the governments ambitions wherever possible. With both satellite constellations and native launch capabilities, it is essential the UK has reliable, agile ground station services.”

Jai Dialani, Sr. Business Developer on behalf of Leaf Space, said, “Partnership with Smallspark Space Systems is a valuable opportunity for our company to start a collaboration with a pioneering launch service provider. We will provide an immediately available ground segment service capability to broaden their portfolio. This will help potential customers find a complete solution for their missions, assuring a reliable and consistent end-to-end service. ”

Leaf Space has been offering tailored ground segment services, including Launch and Early Operations (LEOPS), daily passes, pass distribution and operational conditions, for in-orbit demonstrations (IOD) or other missions such as serving broadband constellations requiring high contact time and low latency. The proprietary ground-segment infrastructure provides redundancy and reliability during the LEOP mission phase, and the service can be integrated into third-party bundles.

The two companies are planning to conduct integration and testing activities that will ensure the ground segment service provision is operational on a rapid schedule before OneWebs’ satellite launches.

For more information visit leaf.space

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