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Frank Rudwinsky

Samstag ILA 2022 – Space Café Daily by Chiara – Live

Spacewatch.Global LIVE von der ILA2022 Vierter Messetag der Fachmesse für Luft- und Raumfahrt ILA 2022 aus Berlin. Unser heutiges ILA 2022 DAILY mit Chiara bringt spannende Themen, interessante Einblicke und brandaktuelle Gäste, präsentiert von der charmanten Chiara Moenter – Event Koordinatorin Täglich neu, täglich frisch. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des …

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#SpaceWatchME Q&A: Synergy Moon

Google Lunar XPrize competitor, Synergy Moon, is an international coalition of members that encompass and merge the arts and sciences. With a spirit of social entrepreneur meets extreme adventurer, Synergy Moon is focused on using science, technology, arts, and mathematics for on-the-ground changes that benefit the entire human family. Synergy Moon represents …

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#SpaceWatchME Forecast: Innovation Labs 2017, Berlin, Germany – Your Roadmap to the Digital World

Innovation labs, hubs and incubators are currently being developed and large, small and medium-sized enterprises want to digitize themselves with their help. The lab stimulates thought processes, enables open collaboration between creative minds and established structures, and often allows new business models, new products and ideas to be tested with …

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