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2023-05 SINC 2023

Space for Island Nations Conference – Maldives

SINC 2023 – Timmermans outlook to GLOC 2023 in Oslo

The two areas in the world most noticeably impacted by climate change are the Arctic and the Tropics. These regions represent the theme 'Fire and Ice' of the Global Conference on Space for Climate Change #GLOC2023, in Oslo, Norway, from 23-25 May! During the #SINC2023 conference at the Maldives will see how space can contribute to monitoring the issues and pinpointing possible solutions for climate change. Remco Timmermans explains the theme of the conference, starting with Fire and finishing with Ice. #WaitForIt All info about this conference, hosted by the Norwegian Space Agency and IAFastro:

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SINC 2023 – Day 4 – Interview with Raushan Ali Fariq and Leonard de Guzman

At the end of a very successful first Space for Island Nations Conference 2023 Remco Timmermans spoke with event manager Raushan Ali Fariq and deputy event manager Leonard de Guzman. They talked about history, present and future of #SINC2023 and #SINC2024 and the role of MSRO in bringing the lessons learned into practice in a new space economy on the #Maldives.

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SINC 2023 – Day 4 – Timmermans event review

The Space for Island Nations Conference 2023 in the Maldives earlier this week was historic in several ways. This was the first space conference ever in the Maldives and the first space conference dedicated to space for island nations. The conference served as an important milestone in the evolution of the brand new MSRO Maldives Space Research Organisation, a young Maldivian initiative, born at the International Space University #SSP22 in Portugal in the summer of 2022. The conference was also unique in the sense that all delegates worked on a final statement, referred to as the 'Crossroads Declaration', that will guide the work of MSRO in the next years. It was edited live in the room by all delegates, including international space professionals (including SpaceWatch.Global), local government representatives, and a large number of local high-school and university students. Check out some of the highlights of the #SINC2023 conference in this summary by Remco Timmermans. We are looking forward to #SINC2024!

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SINC 2023 – Day 4 – Interview with Madin Maseeh

At the end of the Space for Island Nations Conference 2023, Remco Timmermans talk to Madin Maseeh, the founder and president of @MSRO. MSRO was the driving force behind the first space conference ever on the Maldives, and the main organisation to take the conference results forward. It was conceived only in the summer of 2022 and is already the main institute for space in the Maldives. Remco asked Madin about the history, present, and of course future of the he Maldives Space Research Organisation and next year's #SINC2024 conference.

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SINC 2023 – Day 3 – Interview with Annalisa Donati

The objective of Eurisy is to bridge space and society, and even though it is primarily an EU organisation, there is a lot of space technology and data from Europe that is available to anyone in the world. Remco Timmermans spoke with Eurisy's Secretary Ggeneral Annalisa Donati about the value her organisation can bring to emerging space nations like Maldives. #SINC2023

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SINC 2023 – Day 3 – Interview with Dr Pete Worden

Remco Timmermans had the unique opportunity to have an informal chat with Dr. S. Pete Worden of the Breakthrough Initiatives. Breakthrough is one of the key supporters and sponsors of the Space for Island Nations Conference 2023 I asked him about two things that are important to emerging space nations and that were key points in the conference: 1) As a space policy advisor to the Luxembourg government, Dr. Worden shared a list of five key elements of a national space policy. These elements, adjusted to the specific national situation of a country, form the basis for a new national space ecosystem, like for island nations. 2) As a director of the Breakthrough Initiatives, which is all about the future exploration of very deep space, I asked him how students and really anyone interested in emerging and small space nations can benefit from these highly inspirational projects.

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SINC 2023 – Day 3 – Timmermans morning briefing

Good morning from the third and last day of the @space for island nations conference 2023 in #Maldives! Today we will look at everything space policy, which is an important element of developing a space economy in a new space nation. This afternoon we will go to the #Moon, before landing at a closing networking reception on the beach with the @breakthrough initiatives, where we can bring together our learnings and start planning the future role of space for island nations! #SINC2023

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SINC 2023 – Day 2 – Timmermans evening summary

A little personal reflection of the amazing second day of the @Space for Island Nations Conference 2023 conference. It is very inspiring to see how an initiative born at the @International Space University can turn a nation into a space faring nation. I am proud to see how @MSROmv is leading Maldives into the space era, bringing several national ministers and the country's former president to the first ever space conference in Maldives. I was very proud to have a good chat with Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom about the specific benefits of space for tourism in the leading tourism nation of the world!

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SINC 2023 – Day 2 – Review with Alexandra Sokolowski

Good evening from the end of day two of the Space for Island Nations Conference 2023! Today we heard about the opportunities of space from two ministers, both emphasising the untapped chances that space offers for defence and tourism in the Maldives. We listened to two expert panels about capacity building in emerging space nations, as well as special opportunities in equatorial countries, like Maldives. After the break, we went deeper into space, with Dr. Pete Worden of the @Breakthrough Initiatives and the equally inspiring Dr. Harold White of the @Limitless Space Institute under the applicable theme 'from Sand to Stars'. Special thanks to my co-host @Alexandra Sokolowski of the event organising committee for sharing our views on the day from this amazing location!

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