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Alpine Space Ventures Announces Investment from NIF

Alpine Space Ventures
Alpine Space Ventures has invested in Reflex Aerospace. Credit: Reflex Aerospace

Ibadan, 18 March 2024. – Alpine Space Ventures, a venture capital fund dedicated to early-stage investments in the space sector, has announced a EUR 10 million investment from the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF). The strategic fund-of-fund investment boosts Alpine Space Ventures’ ability to back the development and deployment of innovative space technologies, reinforcing Europe’s security and resilience capabilities in both Government and commercial sectors.

The announcement comes after the venture capital fund secured a EUR 60 million landmark investment by the European Investment Fund (EIF) last year. The Alpine Space Ventures investment team boasts more than 50 years of building products and companies in the space industry. This expertise is further supplemented by the firm’s investor base, comprising entrepreneurs and pioneers in the space industry.

The venture capital has already made investments in satellite manufacturers K2 Space and Reflex Aerospace, which are manufacturing mega-class satellites and small satellites, respectively, space mobility company Morpheus Space, carbon composite manufacturer Blackwave, and satellite energy solutions provider Source Energy.

Bulent Altan, Founding Partner at Alpine Space Ventures, commented, “This investment from the NATO Innovation Fund highlights the critical role of space technologies in addressing today’s complex security challenges. The inherent nature of space applications ensures that the innovations we foster will not only enhance the Alliance’s technological capabilities but also drive forward the commercial space industry.”

Likewise, Thorsten Claus from the NATO Innovation Fund added, “In line with NIF’s confidence in the role of space in an enduring future for the Alliance, our fund-of-fund investment in Alpine Space Ventures aligns with our commitment to the
security of space and ground-based infrastructure, crucial for operations across land, air, sea, and cyber domains.”

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