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Kacific Introduces CommsBox Ultra Turnkey Solution

Credit: Kacific

Ibadan, 15 January 2024. – In response to escalating natural disasters impacting remote communities across the Asia-Pacific region, Kacific has introduced the new and enhanced CommsBox – CommsBox Ultra to redefine emergency preparedness and response capabilities in high-risk areas. This introduction expands Kacific’s range of disaster communication products, offering an enhanced version alongside the existing and trusted CommsBox.

CommsBox Ultra features a reinforced structure, ensuring resilience in disaster zones and physical impacts during transportation across challenging terrains. Furthermore, it comes with three innovative detachable modules, including the antenna module, the electrical component module, and a dedicated wheel component. This design consequently harmonizes efficiency and flexibility by simplifying transportation, equipment compartmentalization, and rapid access to components. Furthermore, integrating the wheel component significantly improves portability, enabling effortless deployment and repositioning in dynamic disaster scenarios.

CommsBox Ultra will also enable connectivity anywhere within Kacific1’s extensive coverage across 25 countries, as it links to the Kacific1 satellite, an HTS geostationary satellite. Additionally, its WiFi access point will allow relief teams to relay critical multimedia information to central relief operations. With speeds of up to 55Mbps and prioritized connections, it will also facilitate uninterrupted communication, which is vital during crises.

Kacific’s Chief Executive Officer, Christian Patouraux, commented, “Asia-Pacific is the most disaster-prone region in the world. The decision to develop CommsBox Ultra with new features, making it even more user-friendly and resilient in disaster scenarios, reflects Kacific’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Functions like dual polarization and reinforced structure will ensure instant, reliable connectivity, enabling Government, civil defence and first responders to reach the last mile.”

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