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Space Tech Expo Bremen – Interview with Neuco’s Laurie Scott

Get exclusive insights from space entrepreneur Laurie Scott, Co-Founder and Director at neuco , live from #spacetecheurope!
Tune in as Laurie shares unique perspectives on the commercial space industry and how neuco global executive search is creating a new niche within space.

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SpaceX Test-Launches Second Starship Rocket to Space

SpaceX has conducted the second test of its Starship Rocket to launch it into Space in an attempt to evaluate the spacecraft's ability. The Spacecraft lifted off successfully but the rocket's Super Heavy first stage booster exploded in a fireball over the Gulf of Mexico after crucially maneuvering to separate with its core Starship stage. Despite the booster's explosion, Starship continued its trip to space - crossing the 100km mark - until a SpaceX company broadcaster confirmed that mission control suddenly lost contact with the vehicle.