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This Space Café Austria will feature Markus Mooslechner, filmmaker, Podcaster, TV host, and science communicator at Terra Mater Studios Vienna, in conversation with Sabine Pongruber, Founder and CEO of WEME Global and a friend of SpaceWatch.Global .

“How to ignite curiosity with a good story”

Join us for an enthralling Space Café Austria episode. Dive deep into the universe of storytelling with award-winning filmmaker and space enthusiast Markus Mooslechner, as he underscores the importance of turning science into relatable narratives and how AI technology is revolutionizing our potential.

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Markus Mooslechner is an acclaimed filmmaker, Podcaster, TV host, and science communicator from Vienna. Educated at the University of Graz and Williams College, he’s been key in Terra Mater Studios since 2012, creating innovative science communication methods. He established Terra Mater MINDCOLLIDER, a visionary consultancy with some of the most prominent science platforms. His contributions at CERN and the Collider Diaries project affirm his devotion to science and technology. Beyond work, Markus hosts the Space Café Podcast, leads narrative thinking workshops, and is a Cannes Corporate Media award winner.

This Space Café Austria will be conducted in English.

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