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PLD Space Announces Success of MIURA-1 Mission

PLD Space
MiURA-1 Launch. Credit: PLD Space

Ibadan, 23 October 2023 – PLD Space has announced the success of its MIURA-1 rocket launch after analysing the data the rocket gathered. The Company consequently achieved 100% of its main objectives and successfully validated its in-house technologies in flight.

In the last two weeks, PLD Space collected data and performed the first analysis of the launch of MIURA 1. The suborbital mission went according to all the necessary parameters, both in the behavior of all the subsystems and the execution of the operations. Furthermore, PLD Space was also able to collect data from the onboard experiment of the German Center for Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM).

PLD Space’s Co-founder, Raúl Torres, stated that “the excellent results obtained in the first flight of MIURA 1 provide PLD Space with a complete technological know-how in the development of space launchers and demonstrates its technological maturity, as well as the wisdom of betting on a “greater vertical integration of all technologies”.

Torres also added, “We have become the first private company in Europe to launch a rocket, the first Spanish company to achieve a goal that positions the country with a new capability, the first in Europe to develop and launch a liquid fuel engine powered by kerosene and liquid oxygen (KeroLOX), the first space launch from continental Europe and the first space launch of European space technology startups.”

The Spanish Company is already applying the lessons it has learned to its orbital rocket, MIURA 5, which will make its first flight in 2025 from the European spaceport, Guiana Space Center, in Kourou and will place satellites of up to 500kg in polar orbit and up to one ton in equatorial orbit.

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