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Paratus Sign Re-seller Agreement with Starlink for Africa

Credit: Paratus

Ibadan, 29 September 2023 – Paratus Group have announced that it has entered an agreement as a distributor for Starlink’s high-speed services across the African continent. This agreement will allow Paratus to provide Starlink to its customers across Africa, as Starlink received operating licenses in those countries. Initially, and with immediate effect, Starlink will be available from Paratus in Mozambique, Kenya, Rwanda & Nigeria before its services are available to more countries.

Starlink currently provides services to tens of thousands of business locations and serves customers in a multitude of capacities, including primary enterprise connectivity, replacement of 4G and VSAT, backup, interim setup, and emergency service. Across its network, Starlink maintains greater than 99.5% up-time across all customers – and higher for unobstructed installations. Furthermore, mitigating factors like wire-cut outages and weather do not contribute to the network’s uptime measurement. Paratus will also be able to provide its customers with both fixed, mobility, and maritime services with immediate effect. In addition, customers will be able to receive 24/7/365 enterprise support.

Group Chief Commercial Officer of Paratus, Martin Cox, stated: “This agreement aligns perfectly with our vision of transforming Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and customer service. It means we can offer industry sectors – such as land and offshore energy, mining, hospitality, education, healthcare, agriculture, and more – the reliable and constant connectivity they need to flourish, no matter how remote they are.” Cox added: “The Starlink agreement further strengthens our LEO services offering across Africa and affirms our considerable capability and reach on the continent. It reinforces our goal to collaborate with entities that share our vision of transforming both African businesses and communities.”

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