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John Deere Partners SpaceX for Rural Farming Connectivity

John Deere
John Deere to connect Farmers with Starlink. Credit: SpaceX

Ibadan, 18 January 2024. – Deere & Company has announced an agreement with SpaceX to provide cutting-edge satellite communications service to farmers. Utilizing the industry-leading Starlink network, this solution will allow farmers facing rural connectivity challenges to fully leverage precision agriculture technologies. This partnership will subsequently enable John Deere customers to be more productive, profitable, and sustainable in their operations as they continue to provide food, fuel, and fiber for their communities and a growing global population.

The SATCOM solution will connect both new and existing machines through satellite internet service and ruggedized satellite terminals. This will fully enable technologies such as autonomy, real-time data sharing, remote diagnostics, enhanced self-repair solutions, and machine-to-machine communication, all of which help farmers work more efficiently while minimizing downtime.

Furthermore, the solution aims to unlock the John Deere tech stack so every farmer can fully utilize their current precision agriculture technology in addition to the new innovative solutions they will deploy in the future. The Company notes that satellite communications service at the scale it is offering will enable farmers with cellular coverage challenges to maximize the value of connectivity to their operations.

According to Aaron Wetzel, Vice President of Production and Precision Ag Production Systems at John Deere, “Throughout the year, farmers must complete tasks within extremely short windows of time. This requires executing incredibly precise production steps while coordinating between machines and managing machine performance. Each of these areas is enhanced through connectivity, making the entire operation more efficient, effective, and profitable.”

The SATCOM solution will initially be available through a limited release in the United States and Brazil starting in the second half of 2024.

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