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NorthStar awarded contract by LuxIMPULSE

NorthStar satellite built by Spire. Credit NorthStar Earth & Space
NorthStar satellite built by Spire. Credit NorthStar Earth & Space

London, 8 September 2023.- LuxIMPULSE has awarded NorthStar Earth & Space a contract to accelerate Space Situational Awareness (SSA) services launching later in 2023. LuxIMPULSE is the national space program in Luxembourg for the promotion of research, development, and innovation. It is managed by the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) with the European Space Agency (ESA) to support companies established in Luxembourg. The contract has been funded by the Government of Luxembourg through an ESA contract.   

NorthStar will use the funding to develop tools and applications for space traffic mapping, close approach warning, and global space hazard risk assessment for fleet management, future mission planning, and insurance considerations. The aim is to advance development rapidly to address the growing need for improved observation, up-to-date knowledge and precise navigation tools. 

“NorthStar is grateful and privileged to receive this important strategic support from LuxIMPULSE to accelerate the development of our next-generation solutions for Space Situational Awareness with a focus right here in Luxembourg,” said Stewart Bain, Founder & CEO. “Luxembourg has taken a visionary and proactive approach by making space sustainability a key element in its space strategy. The range of programs which Luxembourg offers to incentivize the space economy also encourages companies in the space sector to join forces within the research community to develop their expertise together. This strategic approach will undoubtedly benefit not only individual companies, but also the wider industry as a whole.”

NorthStar is already collaborating with Luxembourg-based SES and Spire Global and will continue to work with other members of the Luxembourg space community.

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