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G-SPACE and IDDK announce partnership

Ioana Cozmuta and Kohei Yoshioka. Credit IDDK
Ioana Cozmuta and Kohei Yoshioka. Credit IDDK

London, 22 September 2023 – G-SPACE, a US company in the business of Microgravity Research Analytics, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with IDDK Co., a Japanese company which streamlines biotech experiments in outer space using their patented Micro Imaging Device (MID). 

G-SPACE and IDDK will jointly develop value propositions to deliver G-SPACE microgravity research analytics together with MID for commercial use cases.

Dr. Ioana Cozmuta, CEO of G-SPACE said they aim to unlock the true potential of microgravity and apply this to a variety of application areas in both life and material science. The aim of the partnership will be to pave the way for more efficient and cost-effective research in microgravity environments. It aligns with the G-SPACE mission which aims to provide an affordable AI-powered platform, to offer tool for increased efficiency and cost reduction in Microgravity Research, as well as acceleration towards In-Space manufacturing. 

“This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity for both of our organizations to advance the frontiers of space research and exploration. IDDK aims to foster breakthroughs in space research, ultimately contributing to a better understanding of the cosmos as well as its potential impacts on life,” said Kohei Yoshioka, Director of IDDK Co., Ltd. “Building trust and fostering a collaborative culture between IDDK and G-SPACE will be instrumental in sustaining our joint efforts and achieving even greater accomplishments in the future. Together, we will contribute to the advancement of humanity’s knowledge and exploration of outer space.”

IDDK has ongoing development of an automated space bio laboratory which aligns with G-SPACE’s expertise in Microgravity Research Analytics. IDDK will be focused on using the combined experience to develop solutions to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of space experiments, whilst mitigating the risks associated with space research.

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