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Space Café BeNeLux by Dr. Heike Poignand: Rudy Stranen – Europe’s Quantum Communication Infrastructure: Science Fiction in the making?

This Space Café BeNeLux by Dr. Heike Poignand featured Rudy Stranen, Advisor at the Department of Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy (“SMC”), a department of the Ministry of State in Luxembourg and asked: Europe’s Quantum Communication Infrastructure: Science Fiction in the making?

The web talk answered questions around the EuroQCI imitative, its progress, challenges, and activities in Europe and worldwide. The long-term goal is a hybrid, interoperable Quantum Internet with quantum computers, quantum sensors and quantum communication, including QKD.
The European countries make a huge collaborative effort to establish a Quantum communication network combining terrestrial fibre networks and space assets. The primary aim is to ensure safety and security for governments and critical sectors like health data, finance, and critical infrastructures, making Europe quantum safe.
It’s not science fiction, yet still work in progress. Raising public awareness of the threats and benefits of Quantum computing and Quantum communication is as important as attracting and educating young talents in this emerging field.

Space Café BeNeLux took place Thursday 27 July 2023 at 4 pm CEST.

Here the video:


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