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Space Café BeNeLux by Dr. Heike Poignand: Dr. Harald Hauschild – Will Optical and Quantum Communications Be the Future of Space?

by Dr. Heike Poignand

In the latest “Space Café BeNeLux”, our new host Dr. Heike Poignand, welcomed Dr. Harald Hauschild, ARTES ScyLight Programme Manager at ESA, to an insightful discussion if optical and quantum communications will be the future of space.

The short answer, according to our guest, is: Yes, it will.

If you are interested to know more, please have a look at the long version in the video, which approaches the topic through questions how optical and quantum communication work, the advantages and challenges compared to RF, potential applications like in deep space or Quantum Key distribution, where we stand regarding maturity and which current activities are going on in Europe and globally.

All this is leading towards future visions of

  1. hybrid, interoperable networks for communication in space spread through multiple orbits and on ground and
  2. a European Quantum Communication Infrastructure, which we will talk about a bit more in out next Space Café BeNeLux.

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