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Malaysia Airlines Selects Viasat for In-Flight Experience

Malaysia airlines
Malaysia Airlines MAS 737-8 B1 First Flight Exteriors Taxi Takeoff and Landing. Credit: Viasat.

Ibadan, 24 August 2023. – Viasat Inc. has announced that Malaysia Airlines — the national carrier of Malaysia — has selected the company to outfit the airline’s new Boeing 737-8 fleet with its wireless In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system. In the pipeline, as part of its connectivity strategy, the airline will also introduce high-quality internet connectivity on its 737-8 aircraft. The agreement encompasses factory installation of Viasat’s equipment on its aircraft, the first of which Viasat will tentatively deliver to the Airline later in August.

Through this partnership, Malaysia Airlines’ customers will enjoy an enhanced and curated in-flight experience through the airline’s wireless IFE system, MHstudio. The studio will consequently provide them access to over 500 on-demand entertainment options and personalized shopping experiences at their convenience.

Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi, Chief Executive Officer of Airlines from Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), said, “We commit to continuously seeking ways to elevate our customer experience, providing personalized offerings and delivering exceptional onboard experiences with Malaysian hospitality.” The CEO also added, “By empowering passengers with the flexibility to enjoy on-demand entertainment through the new In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system throughout their journey, this initiative represents just one facet of our ongoing commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.”

Similarly, Don Buchman, VP and GM, Commercial Aviation at Viasat, added, “The initial deliveries of these new aircraft equipped with the Viasat system is an exciting milestone for our partnership with Malaysia Airlines, and, more broadly, for in-flight connectivity in the Asia Pacific region.”

After its implementation, high-speed internet connectivity on Malaysia Airlines’ 737-8 aircraft will allow customers to stay connected throughout their journey. With flight routes potentially across Malaysia and Southeast Asia for the new fleet, the airline will leverage Viasat’s Ka-band satellite network in the region.

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