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Intelsat and MaxIQ Space Complete STEM-Ed in Africa


An artist’s rendering of Intelsat’s Epic NG 33e High Throughput Satellite. Image. Credit: Intelsat.

Ibadan, 4 August 2023. – Intelsat and MaxIQ Space, a space-focused STEM education company, have completed this year’s STEM Space program with student project presentations and an awards ceremony. The innovative program, which Intelsat sponsors, has made major strides in inspiring and empowering young African participants who are looking to be future innovators and industry leaders in the African space sector.

This year, the program had 30 participants from across Africa, and the education they each received will be something that can provide them an advantage towards achieving an advanced education. For example, Alabi Emmanuel Aniyikaye, a student participant from Nigeria, said, “Through the space STEM program and MaxIQ, I’ve learned that we are meant to break boundaries. We’re redefining what’s possible for African students in the field of space science.”

Likewise, Isingizwe Lucide Pascale, a student participant from Rwanda, commented, “Attending space science workshops and working with MaxIQ has shown me that Africa has immense potential in the space industry. We’re the next generation of African space pioneers.”

Each participant received a MaxIQ modular electronics Space STEM kit. This included immersive, hands-on learning and experimentation in various areas related to Space and Earth Sciences. The kits and virtual workshops explore topics like understanding Earth in the context of our solar system to planning for life in Lunar or Martian habitats, providing a comprehensive view of the intricate interconnectivity between Earth and space.

The program selected ten winners who will consequently be eligible for the next round of MaxIQ education. Furthermore, applications for Intelsat MaxIQ’s 2024 session will open for submission in late 2023.

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