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EnduroSat to build Vyoma’s Situational Awareness Constellation

Credit: EnduroSat

Ibadan, 14 August 2023. – EnduroSat and Vyoma have announced that they will be working together on Europe’s first commercial mission for in-situ space situational awareness (SSA). As a result, Vyoma will use in-orbit optical telescopes to observe space objects and map the orbital environment at a high frequency, thus providing SSA data and services with near-zero latency. On the other hand, EnduroSat will design and build the ESPA microsatellites, which will deploy in a low-Earth orbit. The spacecraft will also feature computing capabilities for in-orbit processing of the images in real-time and data reduction.

The first two pilot satellites will launch into space at the end of 2024 as part of a 12-satellite constellation. As a result, the data the constellation generates will enhance current SSA capabilities on the global stage and contribute to space safety, empowering satellite owners to make correct operational decisions efficiently. More importantly, the mission will contribute to the protection of Earth and of assets in space and on Earth originating from space debris and anomalous behaviors.

Speaking on the matter, Luisa Buinhas, Cofounder and CPO of Vyoma, said, “We are proud to partner up with EnduroSat, who leverage their expertise to design a spacecraft for Vyoma’s powerful optical instruments. Together, we bring the world a step closer to achieving safety in our orbits, tackling the space sustainability challenge.”

Likewise, Raycho Raychev, EnduroSat’s founder and CEO, also added, “Vyoma’s goal to make space operations safe and resilient fits perfectly with EnduroSat’s efforts toward streamlined and secure space operations. We are looking forward to delivering this new generation of satellites for the mission and to working on the development of the entire fleet.”

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