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DCUBED Announces In-Space Manufacturing Demonstration

Credit: DCUBED

Ibadan, 11 August 2023. – DCUBED, the German NewSpace hardware manufacturer, has announced that it will demonstrate in-space manufacturing as part of a demonstration mission in Q1 2024. The demonstration will consequently see the production of a roughly 30-centimeter high, 3D-printed truss structure. Furthermore, it intends to prove the efficacy of in-space manufacturing and highlight the game-changing potential that such capabilities promise to deliver for production in orbit.

The demonstration is an essential milestone in DCUBED’s march toward establishing in-space manufacturing capabilities for larger space structures, especially for SmallSat applications. In addition, this program includes an in-orbit experiment of truss-structure manufacturing in 2025 and an in-orbit mission demonstration, in 2026, for multiple-kilowatt (KW) SmallSat solar arrays.

According to Dr. Thomas Sinn, CEO & Founder of  DCUBED, “The establishment of our new key business division shows that we at DCUBED always want to push the boundaries of what is possible, enabling our partners and customers to think big in space.”

The CEO also added, “Our demonstration of manufacturing in free space promises to revolutionize in-space fabrication and repair of space structures and trigger a paradigm shift in how we approach the production of space hardware, opening many doors which we can’t even imagine right now. This is a truly disruptive enabling technology.”

In addition to its upcoming project, the Company is also in the process of establishing an office in Broomfield, Colorado. The aim is to place itself within the key United States space market as it rapidly becomes a hugely important and thriving hub for the burgeoning New Space industry.

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