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Stellar Gathers Internet Data on Tour de France Routes

Credit: Stellar

Ibadan, 27 July 2023. – Stellar, a mobility-driven, deep-tech, and sustainable connectivity company uniting cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite, has successfully gathered data on the thousands of kilometers of Tour de France 2023 routes. The Company did this as part of its connectivity mapping product “streets.” Through this, Stellar has been monitoring and assessing the true quality of the internet while traveling.

The precise internet maps of the Tour de France 2023 show the value of Stellar’s approach. Instead of estimating the quality of service from the public coverage of the various network operators, Stellar leverages a fleet of vehicles – featuring antennas, modems, and advanced software. It helps to accurately measure the connectivity on all roads directly from the tarmac. Furthermore, Stellar’s mapping efforts encompass 4G and 5G networks and Wi-Fi hotspots and identify adequate areas for deploying satellite services.

“This lack of connection is a big issue for ambulances, firetrucks, and all enterprises needing to coordinate their fleet. Moreover, internet is a must-have for the future of sustainable mobility; would you step in an automated vehicle if you cannot call for help?” said Damien Garot, CEO of Stellar. He also added that “it’s not just about network coverage, as coverage always ends up telling half the story; it’s rather about the authentic quality of service experienced by the users.”

As a result of the measurements, Stellar was able to collect over 50 useful insight metrics for decision-makers, such as local, regional, and national institutions, network and infrastructure operators, vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers, and insurance companies. For decision-makers, having access to such insights is instrumental for assessing the digital divide and planning network improvements and ultimately enabling a better internet experience on the move.

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