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EUSI Invests in Ground Station Upgrade at the DLR

EUSI Antenna
EUSI Antenna from the DAF 3.0 ground station. Credit: EUSI

Ibadan, 10 July 2023. – European Space Imaging (EUSI) has announced a multi-million euro investment into their ground station at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) near Munich. This strategic upgrade extends EUSI’s ability to deliver imagery with remarkable speed and efficiency, solidifying its claim as a hub for Europe’s best satellite imagery technology.

On 27 June, EUSI successfully commenced downlinking data from the Maxar WorldView satellite constellation using the newly upgraded ground station, also known as the Direct Access Facility (DAF). This milestone marks the beginning of a new era, as EUSI’s customers across Europe can now receive significantly faster Near Real-Time (NRT) deliveries, with processing times of less than 20 minutes after image collection. Moreover, the ground station’s better throughput capacity allows for the parallel processing of multiple NRT orders simultaneously.

Though upgraded, the ground station will remain at the DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen, reinforcing the long-standing cooperation between EUSI and DLR. Furthermore, this partnership highlights EUSI’s commitment to investing in German space infrastructure and its dedication to advancing the European remote sensing industry. Additionally, the EUSI ground station plays a crucial role in DLR’s participation in EU security programs and aligns with the responsibilities outlined by the German space strategy.

Speaking on the project, Adrian Zevenbergen, CEO of European Space Imaging, commented, “The ground station upgrade at the German Aerospace Center represents a significant milestone for EUSI and the entire European Earth Observation community. Our investment in new technologies demonstrates our commitment to positioning Europe as a hub for space-based remote sensing capabilities.”

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