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Space Economy Insights ep. 2 – Prof Matthew Gilliham

In this second episode of Space Economy Insights, Kevin O’Connell and Emma Gatti interviewed Prof. Matthew Gilliham, the Director of the Wait Research Institute at the University of Adelaide and the Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Plants for Space (P4S).

Born as an ecologist and plant physiologist, Prof. Gilliham has been leading for years a large scale program in space agriculture – specifically the growth and adaptation of plants to space environments and the production of novel bio products in plants to enable long-term space habitation, and to use these innovations to improve on Earth sustainability.

Kevin and Emma explored with Matt the infinite possibilities of space agriculture, from business models to medicine frontiers, from the (quite unremarkable) diet of the astronauts to the future of nutrition on Earth.

Enjoy this truly enlightening chat!


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