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NuSpace and GomSpace Partner for Extended Value Proposition

NuSpace and GomSpace sign MoU. Credit: GomSpace

Ibadan, 16 February 2023. – GomSpace has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NuSpace, a Singapore Space company providing Space-based infrastructures services (IOT & Connectivity) to develop an extended value proposition in Singapore NewSpace. This MoU builds on NuSpace’s expertise and experience in developing satellite-as-a-service projects and GomSpace’s more than 15 years of experience delivering successful space missions and equipment.

As a result, the parties seek to create an extended value proposition for Singapore’s NewSpace Ecosystem by combining NuSpace’s local presence with GomSpace’s engineering expertise and space heritage.

Speaking on the partnership, Zhen Ning Ng, CEO at NuSpace, noted that The Company was glad to sign the MoU with GomSpace, with its extensive experience in space technology. Ng also added, “Our partnership will leverage the respective strengths of our companies to create a joint approach to facilitate the development of space projects in Singapore. We hope that our collaboration with GomSpace will lead to the creation of innovative solutions that improve outcomes for various projects. We are excited to be working with GomSpace and look forward to the positive impact of this partnership.”

Likewise, GomSpace CFO & Interim CEO Troels Dalsgaard added: “Our relationship with the NuSpace team started in 2010 with a University program. We engage in educational projects and advance into mission-oriented satellites. The long cooperation with NuSpace has allowed us to build trust and strengthen the relationship.”

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