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Space Café Summit Recap: “The Quest for Energy from Space”

The first Space Cafè Summit of the autumn focused on the link between Space, Energy and Economics. With more than 130 participants, it was one of the most successful webinars hosted this year on our platform, an obvious sign of the interest around the subject.

Whether we want to think of it from a  biological or a cultural point of view, energy drives evolution.

We decided to tackle this  topic from a space and economical perspective because energy is probably one of the few topics, together with food and water, that involves everything: money, power, geopolitics, conflicts, and technology. Energy not only shapes our needs and our economy, it also shapes our culture and our fundamental approach to development of civilisation.  Whether we want to think of it from a  biological or a cultural point of view, energy drives evolution. Exactly like the car is not just a method of transport, but it’s a way around which our cities are planned, energy is not only a means of survival, but it has the transcendent power to shape up our civilisation.

In 100 years from now are we gonna be a different society if we decide today to shift from an Earth-resources based energy (fossil fuels) to a sun-based resource? And if yes, how and what it takes to go there, and last but not least, is this an intelligent, statistically solid choice?  Is it a good idea, and have scientists and experts considered the downsides and negative feedback?

 Emma GattiSpaceWatch.Global’s Editor-in-Chief, discussed these fundamental questions with

  • John Mankins – Chair, International Academy of Astronautics Permanent Committee on Space Solar Power
  • Sabine Pongruber – Founder & CEO WEME Global
  • Ed Tate – CTO and Founder of Virtus Solis Technologies, Inc.
  • Sanjay Vijendran – Mars Exploration Strategy Team Leader and Future Mars Studies Coordinator at ESA

Space Café Summit “The Quest for Energy from Space” was conducted in English. Please click on the link below to see the full video.

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