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OneWeb and Kymeta introduce LEO connectivity superyachts

Kymeta’s FPA with Mtenna technology. Credit: Kymeta

Edinburgh / Monaco, 29 September 2022. – Low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company OneWeb, and flat panel antenna provider Kymeta, are set to introduce a joint superyacht offering at Monaco Yacht Show with LEO connectivity and antenna combination, the companies said.

OneWeb concluded the successful testing of its LEO connectivity with two Kymeta antennas at sea at the end of August. The high-speed connectivity will provide speeds up to 200Mbps download and 20Mbps upload to enable voice calls, streaming, and gaming. OneWeb’s global and mid-ocean connectivity allows for continuous, seamless coverage.

High speed and low latency connectivity is also important when it comes to privacy, security, navigation, real-time maintenance, and regulatory compliance. OneWeb’s service also provides enhanced cybersecurity with end to-end-encryption. Kymeta’s high-bandwidth, low power, fully integrated flat panel antennas can be installed onboard within hours.

The service will be available through OneWeb’s certified yachting partners, with the first deliveries starting in early 2023.

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