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Airbus modernizes Bundeswehr infrastructure in support of NATO commitment

Airbus logo. Credit: Airbus

Edinburgh / Friedrichshafen, 15 August 2022. – Airbus successfully completed the performance enhancements of the SATCOMBw satellite communications network, required for the NATO commitment VJTF23, within the planned timeframe, the company announced.

The Airbus-operated BSg-A ground station in Weilheim, Germany, became operationally ready at the end of the July. BSg-A is now fully integrated into the SATCOMBw military satellite communications network, commanded by the German Cyber and Information Space Command. 

Airbus also led the VJTF23 upgrades of the BSmM1 hü and BSdynM2 mod ground station types, which were successful during a two-week operational test. 26 ground stations have been planned for the VJTF23 program, out of which 12 have already been modified and available to the Bundeswehr (German Federal Defense).

In order to meet the requirements of VJTF2023, Airbus modernized the infrastructure by increasing transmission bandwidth. Furthermore, it replaced ISDN technology with IP-based services and revamped the cross-sectional management module for central monitoring and control.

SATCOMBw Level 2 will ensure that Bundeswehr satellite-based telecommunications are completely autonomous, secure and reliable. As the prime contractor, Airbus Defence and Space is responsible for the design, integration and delivery of the operational system.

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