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The Space Cafe Podcast #057 Adrien Mauduit, Aurora Hunter by passion

Adrien Mauduit; Photo courtesy of him

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present: The Space Café Podcast #057 Adrien Mauduit, Aurora Hunter by passion

Episode 057 features a special guest: Adrien Mauduit.

Some say that it takes a very good reason for a Frenchman to leave his home country. Adrien Mauduit knows what he is talking about. The Aurora, the magical play of the earthly magnetic field with the solar storms, has taken such a liking to the young Frenchman that he can no longer imagine returning home. The adventures that the Arctic skies in the far north of Europe can offer him are too fascinating. In the current edition of the Space Café Podcast, Adrien talks about his passion and why he recommends looking up for all those who feel a gloomy spot on their soul from time to time.

More about Adrien Mauduit -> https://www.nightlightsfilms.com/

The Space Cafe Podcast brings our signature brand of engaging and relevant content from across the global space economy to you via an exciting new format. Together with award-winning Executive Producer, Markus Mooslechner (Terra Mater Factual Studios), our fortnightly podcast features guests that matter.

Each episode includes a review of important topics, as well as guest appearances and deep commentary from expert panellists from across the space sector.

Thanks to our global distribution partner, BookWire, the podcast is available on all major podcast platforms.


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