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RUAG Space rebrands as Beyond Gravity to focus on market

Credit: Beyond Gravity

Edinburgh / Zurich, 17 March 2022. – Space supplier RUAG Space has rebranded as Beyond Gravity to focus outward and position the space unit prominently on the markets, the company said. Beyond Gravity, which has around 1,600 employees, will launch an incubator in the summer to bring innovations to the market in cooperation with start-ups. 

The space incubator dubbed “Launchpad” is part of the firm’s transition from RUAG Space to Beyond Gravity. Its aim is to identify and accelerate promising ideas and concepts. The company will examine projects with selected start-ups and evaluate their development- and investment potential. The project will help young companies with networking opportunities and grant them access to specialized engineers, exclusive technologies and means of production. 

Lat year, Beyond Gravity collaborated on the James Webb Space Telescope. It also reached agreements on the expansion of long-standing partnerships with United Launch Alliance and Arianespace among others.

RUAG International, of which Beyond Gravity is a part of, saw an increase in sales to €1200 million and its EBIT (earnings before earnings and taxes) was €67 million last year. After two difficult years with declining sales and negative earnings, all four business units, including Beyond Gravity, reported positive EBIT for 2021.

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