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ESA and CNES plan European Space Transportation Hub

Image: Outlook on future European space transportation (Credit: ESA – Flavie Mauvais)

Edinburgh, 25 November 2021. – ESA and French space agency, CNES, are exploring the possibility to create a European Space Transportation Hub, ESA said.

The Hub is planned to be located in the Paris region. It would bring the main European actors in space transportation together in the same location. Thus, the Hub would become an emblematic centre for space transportation in Europe.

They expect the new arrangement to encourage cooperation and promote innovation through the sharing of means, practices and expertise. The project is expected to get approval by the governing bodies of ESA and CNES by the end of 2022. The current target date for Hub completion is June 2023.

ESA has published a general call for expression of interest from those active in European space transportation. Companies wanting to participate have until 31st December to signal this to the space agency.

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