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Globalstar Launches SPOT Gen4 Satellite Messenger in EMEA

Credits: Globestar

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services announced that SPOT Gen4, the next generation of the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, is now available in EMEA. SPOT Gen4 offers many new features, including an enhanced, more detailed mapping interface with more display options, improved product specifications for water resistance, and geofencing capability, among others.

SPOT Gen4 is the newest member of the award-winning SPOT satellite-enabled tracking and safety product portfolio. It provides users with ubiquitous and reliable tracking, and a vital line of communication, and emergency support enabled by Globalstar’s second-generation satellite fleet in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

SPOT Gen4 features include:

  • Enhanced design – The new Gen4 has a sleek new look with improved grip and design features that snap in place to securely cover the Help and SOS buttons. It’s rugged, portable and includes a new multi-use carabiner and strap
  • Upgraded IP68 rating – Offers increased water resistance, up to 30 minutes at two meters in water
  • Credits: Globestar

    Motion activated tracking – SPOT Gen4 sends tracks at a chosen rate for as long as the device is turned on and moving, conserving battery life. Alerts can be set to auto-send notifications to others when movement is detected or upon entry and exit of specific geographic areas programmed into the SPOT Mapping interface

  • Long battery life – The new Gen4 offers the longest battery life in the product category, far surpassing performance of alternative battery-powered GPS messengers
  • SPOT Mapping – Live and historical maps for the user to view or share SPOT locations over time. Optional professional-grade upgrades available to meet user-defined mapping needs
  • Map layers – The user can select from several map display options with light or dark modes, by satellite, open street map or terrain
  • Alerts – User-set and system-generated emergency or custom messages, such as new movement, no movement, check in and help
  • Shared view enhancements – Unlimited shared views with easy interface to share a location
  • Customised position icons – Ability to distinguish location points by SPOT product or user, thereby helping to optimise field and remote resource management
  • Geofencing – Allows users to create virtual geographic boundaries and set custom alerts, offering numerous benefits for organisational deployments
  • SPOT map showing check-in/ok and track points

As with its fellow SPOT devices, in an emergency, with a simple press of SPOT Gen4’s SOS button, an alert along with the user’s GPS co-ordinates are instantly transmitted to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) which in turn engages with local first responders to swiftly dispatch help to precisely where it’s needed.

SPOT’s SOS function can alternatively be configured to connect directly with in-house operations or security teams when deployed to safeguard personnel in an organisation. Globalstar partners with a worldwide network of highly innovative Value Added Resellers (VARs) who continuously innovate to create and develop advanced complementary software and operations platforms specifically designed to support businesses and non-commercial agencies to protect their at-risk, lone or remote working staff.

Globalstar’s economical SPOT satellite devices provide security and emergency support to employees for a growing number of governmental and non-governmental entities across the world. Meanwhile, these organisations can benefit from SPOT’s ability to help manage and optimise resources and monitor valuable assets of all kinds.

“Thanks to SPOT Gen4’s new professional-grade mapping capabilities, with detailed and informative displays, we have the ideal safety and tracking solution for even more independent occupational SPOT users; being able to support this customer segment complements our abiding commitment to supporting larger organisations who benefit from the sophisticated feature-rich platforms which our talented and dedicated VARs deliver,“ commented Mark O’Connell, Globalstar EMEA General Manager.

SPOT provides ubiquitous satellite coverage, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and North-Eastern Asia as well as delivering reach across hundreds of thousands of miles offshore. See coverage map for additional global coverage details.

Around the globe over 7,000 rescues have been attributed to SPOT satellite technology to date.


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