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Astroscale U.S. Appoints Carolyn Belle as Director, Advanced Systems, and Rob Staples as Program Manager

ELSA-d Chaser satellite. Image courtesy of ASTROSCALE.

Astroscale U.S. Inc., (“Astroscale U.S.”), the U.S. unit of Astroscale Holdings Inc., the market leader in securing long-term orbital sustainability, announced that Carolyn Belle and Rob Staples have joined Astroscale U.S. Belle is serving as Director, Advanced Systems as of July 2020, and Staples is serving as Program Manager as of June 2020.

Belle brings more than a decade of experience facilitating dynamic space industry growth and diversification. She most recently led KSAT’s smallsat communications network development in the U.S., ensuring that KSAT remained the market leader in smallsat communications services. Prior to this role, she worked as a consultant and analyst with Northern Sky Research and the Space Foundation specializing in satellite manufacturing, launch, emerging applications and diversified space architectures.

She has led STEM outreach initiatives such as Yuri’s Night and Cool Science as well as efforts to strengthen women’s roles and recognition within the space industry. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Colorado College with a focus in biology and chemistry and a Master’s in space management from the International Space University.

Staples brings over 20 years of experience across satellite, launch vehicle and ground systems, with roles in systems engineering, operations and program management. He was most recently the Director of Business Development at CesiumAstro, driving growth for software-defined communications systems. Prior to this position, he worked on the ground station team at OneWeb, driving production planning and supply chain operations for the roll out of the initial ground stations.

In 2013 he joined Surrey Satellite Technology in the U.K. to lead their launch business line, and before that was with Airbus Defence and Space in the U.K., where he held systems engineering, procurement and program management roles, along with leading a major reorganization of the payload business unit. He holds a Bachelor’s of engineering in manufacturing systems engineering from the University of Plymouth.

Belle will help explore and expand Astroscale U.S.’ business opportunities and technological applications with partners and customers in the commercial and government space and technology communities. Staples will help ensure that the company’s systems and technology development happens on time and on budget to meet customer needs.

“The rapidly growing on-orbit servicing and logistics market will be sustained with both new ideas for applications and services and with reliable delivery of the best technology,” said Ron Lopez, President and Managing Director of Astroscale U.S. “Carolyn and Rob bring outstanding experience and relationships in the space industry that will help us deliver on current business and grow in new and exciting ways.”

Since its establishment in April 2019, Astroscale U.S. has made key additions to its management team including Dr. Clare Martin, Executive Vice President, Becky Yoder, Senior Vice President of Finance and Business Operations, Charity Weeden, Vice President of Global Space Policy, Dave Fischer, Vice President of Business Development and Advanced Systems and Dave Hebert, Director of Communications.

The company has also established a subsidiary, Astroscale Israel, which performs research and payload development for satellite life extension and other on-orbit services. The Astroscale U.S. and Israel teams bring decades of experience in business development, operations, policy and communications in the aerospace industry. This expertise positions Astroscale U.S. to work with satellite operators, government, and regulatory and legislative bodies to meet the challenges of orbital logistics and sustainability.

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