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Orbex Expands Facilities for UK Mainland’s First Vertical Launch


UK-based spaceflight company, Orbex, has extended its footprint by over thirty percent across its Scottish and Danish design and production facilities in preparation for the launch of its Prime rocket. The company is adding an extra 1,500 square meters of factory and office space to its existing 4,750 square meter estate in Forres, Scotland, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Impact Observatory Partners with Planet for Change Monitoring


Impact Observatory has partnered with Planet Labs to use AI-powered analytics to monitor land cover and land use (LULC) on top of Planet’s high-frequency, medium- and high-resolution satellite data. Automated analytics are core to helping customers better understand changes and anticipate threats at previously unobtainable speed and scale

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The Space Café Podcast #84: Barbara Belvisi – Cultivating Life Beyond Our Planet, CEO & Founder @ Interstellar Lab

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present: The Space Café Podcast #84: Barbara Belvisi - Cultivating Life Beyond Our Planet, CEO & Founder @ Interstellar Lab. In this episode, Markus hosts a fascinating conversation with Barbara Belvisi, the visionary CEO and founder of Interstellar Lab. They delve into the innovative world of bio-regenerative life support systems, space exploration, and the promise of becoming a multi-planetary species.

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Euclid Launches to Space to Study Dark Matter


The European Space Agency has launched the Euclid Space Telescope, an orbital telescope built to shed light on mysterious cosmic phenomena known as dark energy and dark matter. The space telescope launched aboard a Falcon 9 rocket at 11 a.m. EDT (1500 GMT) from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida, United States of America. The mission has cost about $1.4 billion and has a design lifespan of about six years. Furthermore, the Agency expects it to transform astrophysics and potentially the understanding of the very nature of gravity itself.

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Firefly Aerospace Partners Lockheed Martin for Launch Services

Firefly Aerospace

Firefly Aerospace, Inc. has announced it signed a launch agreement with Lockheed Martin to support a technology demonstration mission that will launch aboard Firefly's Alpha vehicle. This is as Firefly's Alpha rocket provides launch services with the capability to lift more than 1,000 kg to low Earth orbit. The vehicle utilizes Firefly's patented tap-off cycle propulsion technology and carbon composite sandwich structures to reduce mass and costs and improve strength and reliability.

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Asteroid Day: TRAD committed to DART mission

As today, June 30, is International Asteroid Day, Test and Radiation (TRAD) is taking the opportunity to look back at its contribution to the DART mission. DART, or Double Asteroid Redirection Test, was a C-class mission of NASA. It was the very first mission dedicated to the study and demonstration of an asteroid deflection method. Furthermore, the mission's objective was to evaluate the use of a spacecraft's kinetic impact to modify the asteroid's trajectory so that it avoids the Earth.

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Spire Partners OroraTech for Satellite Constellation


Spire Global, Inc has signed an agreement with OroraTech to build, launch and operate an eight-satellite constellation dedicated to global temperature monitoring. Once operational, it will represent the first and largest constellation of satellites dedicated to tracking and monitoring wildfires.

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Ecuador and India Join Artemis Accords

Ecuador and India have joined the ever-growing list of countries to become parties to the Artemis Accords, becoming the 26th and 27th signatories, respectively. Ecuador formally joined the Accords during a ceremony at the Ecuador embassy in Washington on Wednesday, with Karen Feldstein, NASA associate administrator for International and Interagency Relations, participating in the ceremony for the agency, and Gustavo Manrique Miranda, Ecuador’s foreign affairs minister, for Ecuador. On the other hand, the White House disclosed India's decision to become a signatory on Thursday, with NASA and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) also agreeing to a joint mission to the International Space Station in 2024,

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