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Space Café Canada by Dr. Jessica West: Canadian space innovation: A sneak peek at 2023

Ploughshares Senior Researcher Dr. Jessica West spoke with Brian Gallant, the founding and current CEO of Space Canada, an association established in March 2022 to represent Canada’s outer space innovators and allied industries. Nine companies originally came together to found Space Canada (https://space-canada.ca), with the aim of “strengthen[ing] the Canadian space ecosystem.”

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Space Café 33 minutes with Markus Fritz about Mobility and Space – is Europe too late to win the Race?

Our Space Café “33 minutes with Markus Fritz ” about Mobility and Space – is Europe too late to win the Race? took place on Tuesday, 31 January 2023. In the first part of the conversation, the two discussed the current state of the satellite industry and the challenges it faces. Fritz explained that the industry is in the midst of a transformation and is facing many challenges, such as the cost of launching satellites and the competition between traditional satellite companies and new players entering the market.

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Airbus to Provide SatCom Services for Belgian Armed Forces

Airbus has signed a contract with the Belgian Ministry of Defense to provide tactical satellite communications services for a 15-year period. The Armed Forces will utilize channels of the Airbus UHF (Ultra High Frequency) military communications hosted payload on board a commercial telecommunications satellite manufactured by Airbus.

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GMV Wins Hisdesat Contract for SPAINSAT NG

Spanish Government satellite operator Hisdesat has awarded GMV a contract to build and develop the ground segment of the SPAINSAT NG program satellites. These two new satellites, scheduled for launch in 2024 and 2025, will replace the operator’s current SpainSat and XTAR-EUR satellites and significantly improve their performance and capabilities. 

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Eutelsat Decommissions EUTELSAT 5 West A Satellite

The EUTELSAT 5 West A satellite has retired after more than 20 years of in-orbit operation. As a result, Eutelsat has successfully re-orbited the satellite to more than 400km above the geostationary arc. Likewise, the satellite operator has depressurized the propulsion system and passivated the electrical equipment on board. The final operation to deactivate the remaining Radio Frequency source (telemetry transmitter) came from the Issy-les-Moulineaux Satellite Control Centre on 13 January at 09:57 UTC.

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