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2024-04 39th Space Symposium 2024

39th Space Symposium 2024

April 08.-12. 2024 – Colorado Springs, CO, USA
The premier event for global space professionals.
Space Symposium attendees consistently represent all sectors of the space community from multiple spacefaring nations; space agencies; commercial space businesses and associated subcontractors; military, national security and intelligence organizations; cyber security organizations; federal and state government agencies and organizations; research and development facilities; think tanks; educational institutions; space entrepreneurs and private space exploration and commercial space travel providers; space commerce businesses engaged in adapting, manufacturing or selling space technologies for commercial use and media that inspire and educate the general public about space.

Bringing all these groups together in one place provides a unique opportunity to examine space issues from multiple perspectives, to promote dialog and to focus attention on critical space issues.

Space Symposium 2024 – A Red Rocks Interview with Hannah Ashford

The selection process for the Karman Fellowship 2024 is currently in full swing, and we had the privilege of capturing a moment that brings the essence of Karman mission to the forefront. Karman Foundation's Managing Director, Hannah Ashford, sat down with Torsten Kriening for an insightful conversation about what lies at the heart of the Karman Fellowship's values and the meticulous process behind selecting their Fellows.

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Space Symposium 2024 – Digging on the Moon – with Anastasia Stepanova

Diamonds on the moon? 'Water' is more valuable - says Anastasia Stepanova during our interview. At the Colorado School of Mines, Torsten Kriening spoke with Anastasia Stepanova PhD candidate at the school in the Space Resources Program. Anastasia spoke about the various labs available and highlighted one of the facilities where they are striving to extract water from asteroids.

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Euroconsult and Spacetec Partners Merge to Form Novaspace – the Global Leading Consulting Firm in the Space Sector

Two prominent space consulting players, Euroconsult and SpaceTec Partners, are merging after three years of increasingly successful collaboration, to shape the future of the space sector with unparalleled expertise and strategic insights. This merger creates Novaspace, a powerhouse in professional services dedicated to the space industry.

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