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Xiphos Selected by LEOcloud for its Space Edge IAAS Datacenters

Credit: Xiphos

Ibadan, 19 March 2024.- LEOcloud and Xiphos Systems Inc. have announced entering into an agreement where LEOcloud will use Xiphos’ space-hardened compute and data storage technology for its Space Edge IaaS datacenter platforms. LEOcloud Space Edge IaaS is a multi-cloud service that enables end users to deploy applications to cloud regions in Space.

Scalable, space-hardened multi-cloud services in Space will address the need to convert data to information at the speed of relevance. Furthermore, the intersection of cloud and space will enable the development and tests of applications in a terrestrial cloud environment, seamlessly moving to a Space-based cloud region. Extending terrestrial hyperscaler services into Space, LEOcloud’s Space Edge IaaS will be hosted on a range of platforms, including satellites, commercial space stations and orbiting research, and manufacturing facilities in LEO and the lunar region.

Commercial, Civil, and Defense customers rely on Xiphos’ space-hardened COTS-based processing, networking, and data storage solutions for operational success. The Company’s products also help customers meet their demanding cost and schedule requirements for challenging New Space missions. Likewise, LEOcloud’s Service Management System (SMS) provides end-to-end service and lifecycle management from the end user to the cloud region in Space.

Speaking on the collaboration, Edwin Faier, President of Xiphos, commented, “With the ever-increasing volumes of data generated in advanced space applications, Xiphos recognizes the emerging and important need for cloud computing to migrate workloads across space and terrestrial domains. Faier also added, “Xiphos appreciates LEOcloud’s leadership in establishing space-based cloud infrastructure through their Space Edge Managed IaaS offering.”

Likewise, Dennis R. Gatens, LEOcloud’s CEO and founder, added that “Xiphos provides LEOcloud with proven space-hardened compute and data storage technology that will be the basis for our scalable datacenter platforms that are deployable in pressurized and non-pressurized environments.”

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