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SatSure Partners ReOrbit for Space Infrastructure Solution

Credit: SatSure

Ibadan, 22 March 2024. – SatSure, along with its subsidiary KaleidEO, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ReOrbit to develop innovative full-stack solutions to meet the future market demands in the Earth Observation (EO) segment. As a part of this partnership, KaleidEO will provide the bleeding edge of future-ready payload technology meant for sub-meter imaging capability. Meanwhile, SatSure’s downstream solutions and analytics stack will support businesses needing last-mile connections.

The partnership brings together ReOrbit’s Earth Observation (EO) satellite with optical inter-satellite link capabilities for data relay, KaleidEO’s high-resolution sub-meter optical payload with AI-on-EDGE integration, and SatSure’s suite of business-ready EO solutions (SatSure Sparta ). Through this joint proposition, the companies aim to consequently provide a sector-leading full-stack EO infrastructure-as-a-service.

Sethu Saveda Suvanam, Founder and CEO of ReOrbit, commented, “ReOrbit brings to the partnership the vision of the future of space applications where the transformation of satellites into truly intelligent, interconnected platforms requires satellite systems to be defined by software, which facilitates a complete network integration – from space to ground. This future starts today, and our partnership with KaleidEO for High-Resolution imaging payloads and with SatSure for EO analytic platform and solutions fosters it, enabling us to provide a holistic space infrastructure-as-a-service.”

Likewise, Prateep Basu, Founder & CEO of SatSure & KaleidEO, added, “The world has only just started exploring the business value of Earth imaging datasets. We are glad to partner with ReOrbit and provide a one-stop-shop solution for customers globally to reduce the time and cost to deliver value from EO data and insights.”

Arpan Sahoo, COO of KaleidEO, also added, “Together with ReOrbit, we look forward to enabling the democratization of space and its potential for enterprises, governments and asset owners with very High-Resolution imagery capabilities on demand.”

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