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Capella Space and TCarta Partner for Real-Time Coast Monitoring

Capella space SAR
Capella Space SAR Satellite. Credit: Capella Space

Ibadan, 14 February 2024. – Capella Space Corp. has announced a partnership with TCarta to add high-resolution SAR satellite imagery to TCarta’s coastal monitoring and shoreline feature extraction solutions. This partnership will enable more consistent and reliable identification of coastline changes so coastal managers have accurate and up-to-date information for mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Rising oceans and melting glaciers are quickly changing the geography of the world’s coastlines, reshaping ecosystems and threatening the livelihoods of coastal communities. This is especially prevalent in the Arctic, with melting permafrost and sea ice. Understanding the rates and causes of shoreline change can help coastal managers better understand how to mitigate the hazards to local communities and their ocean economies. Reliably mapping coastal features and measuring shoreline change with traditional earth observation technologies can be difficult when having to consider variable conditions like changing tides, darkness and cloud cover.

TCarta’s technology seeks to address these challenges by leveraging Capella’s automated satellite tasking system to synchronize SAR imagery collections to precisely match up with real-time tidal fluctuations with minute-based accuracy. The hydrospatial provider was an early adopter of the Capella Space Analytics Partner Program, looking to accelerate its research and development efforts with high-resolution SAR to enhance its state-of-the-art hydrospatial models. TCarta is now a Certified Analytics Partner, unlocking opportunities for both product and market collaboration and continued access to Capella’s imagery archive.

Speaking on the partnership, TCarta founder and President, Kyle Goodrich, said, “Being an early adopter of the Capella Space Analytics Partner Program just makes sense for TCarta’s mission to apply space-based technologies to enhance human understanding of and planning for climate change impacts.

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