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SDSC 2023 – Interview with Dr Daniel Fischer of ESA

Straight from Tallinn!
Torsten Kriening spoke with Dr. Daniel Fischer, Head of Ground Segment System and Cyber Security Engineering at European Space Agency – ESA, about critical work safeguarding our space infrastructure.
Hear directly from Dr. Fischer on ESA’s cutting-edge approaches to cybersecurity in the space sector. He discusses how to build resilience against emerging threats in an increasingly complex space ecosystem.

☄ Dr. Fischer also provides fascinating insights into ESA’s Zero Debris Universe initiative – charting innovative ways to mitigate dangerous space junk.

Join us from Software Defined Space Conference for an engaging conversation at the intersection of space technology, engineering, and security. This exclusive interview sheds light on critical work you won’t hear about anywhere else!

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Space Data Association has announced The European Union Space Surveillance and Tracking Partnership (EU SST) as the recipient of the T.S. Kelso Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to space flight safety. The EU SST Partnership relies on the SSA capabilities of 15 Member states of the European Union to provide space safety services, with the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) acting as the Front Desk.