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ICEYE and Suhora Secure Radar Imagery Contract

ICEYE X1 satellite. Credit ICEYE
ICEYE X1 satellite. Credit ICEYE

London, 27 October 2023.- ICEYE, a Finnish microsatellite manufacturer announced on the 26th of October a partnership with Suhora Technologies, an Indian software and geospatial intelligence company. The partnership will allow Suhora access to ICEYE’s satellite imagery of any location on the planet. It will play a role in providing Suhora’s users with advanced monitoring and analytical geospatial solutions. 

ICEYE owns and operates the world’s largest Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite constellation. There have been more than two dozen satellites launched into low-Earth orbit (LEO).The constellation is designed to provide customers with reliable and frequent high-resolution imagery collections, enabling rapid detection and tracking of changes on the Earth’s surface. ICEYE’s capability for situational awareness and timely decision-making can be utilised in insurance, national security, natural catastrophe response and recovery, humanitarian relief and climate change monitoring. 

“We are elated to be in a position where we can use our expertise in analyzing and processing geospatial data to create solutions that can be used by various users across different domains,” said Krishanu Acharya, CEO of Suhora. “Partnering with ICEYE is important to us – their unparalleled high-resolution SAR data can provide timely, near real-time insights while meeting high data demands. Our partnership, dedication and knowledge will bring out our true potentials and will thrive and attain a brighter future.”

ICEYE has launched 25 satellites since 2018 and over 15 more are planned for 2024 and beyond. 

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