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Sidus Space Secures Position on Upcoming Bandwagon Mission

Sidus Space
Credit: Sidus Space

Ibadan, 22 September 2023. – Sidus Space, a Space and Data-as-a-Service company, have confirmed its plan to reallocate two LizzieSats to launch on an upcoming Bandwagon mission with SpaceX. In addition, the updated LizzieSat constellation configuration will advance cutting-edge Low Earth Orbit data collection and provide enhanced orbital flexibility for Government and commercial customers.

Furthermore, Sidus Space initially planned to launch its first LizzieSat on Transporter-9 in Q4 2023. However,  the company adjusted its launch manifest to take advantage of the opportunity to cover more populated areas and increase data revenue. The updated schedule targets a first launch in Q1 2024, followed by two LizzieSats on a Bandwagon mission in Q2 2024, which will result in an expected five LizzieSats on orbit in the company’s constellation by the end of the third quarter of 2024. The LizzieSats deployed on Bandwagon will operate in synergy with those on Transporter missions as the complementary orbits increase the value and the amount of data the company can collect and sell.

Carol Craig, Sidus’ Founder and CEO, commented, “The[CC1]  Bandwagon mission is exciting because it gives us the ability to place multiple LizzieSats in dissimilar orbits, enabling us to capture higher revenue-generating data while increasing our payload and data customers,” The CEO further stated, “This, when combined with the inclusion of additional sensors and enhanced AI capabilities on our initial flight, adds value as we get closer to initiating these launches and developing new, high-margin business lines.”

In addition, John Curry, Chief Mission Operations Officer, stated, “The convergence of our orbit inclination, advanced payloads, and EdgeAI capabilities enables us to provide an unparalleled data service to our customers. Our capability to address a critical void through wide area spectral data imaging greatly enhances LizzieSat’s overall potential.”

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