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ICEYE Selected by Government to Strengthen Disaster Response

Credit: ICEYE

Ibadan, 12 September 2023. – ICEYE, a provider of natural catastrophe solutions and insights, have been selected by the Federal Government of Australia to supply flood and bushfire hazard data for all states and territories across the country. Several states and territories across Australia have experienced record-breaking flood and bushfire events in recent years due primarily to persistent La Ninã or El Niño weather patterns. These weather patterns have resulted in either extensive periods of extreme rainfall or drought.

According to the Treasury, flooding in 2022 impacted economic activity in Australia by approximately A$5bn. Increasing urbanization and population growth, coupled with a rapidly evolving climate, are leaving more communities increasingly exposed to extreme weather events and putting significant pressure on Government flood and bushfire response measures. Through this agreement with the Federal Government, ICEYE will contribute directly to efforts to strengthen Australia’s capabilities to manage the impact of flood and bushfire events through rapid disaster assessment and response, better resource allocation, and improved coordination between national and local entities.

Andy Read, Global Head of Government Solutions, ICEYE, added: “Understanding the true impact of floods and bushfires quickly can transform response and improve recovery outcomes for survivors. This partnership is about bringing that transformation to federal, state, and territory-level agencies across Australia.”

The announcement expands on the existing relationship between ICEYE and the Federal Government. Previously, the Government had been using ICEYE’s Flood Insights product since October 2022 to support response and recovery activities across more than 30 agencies at both state and federal levels. During the period, ICEYE analyzed eight major floods, enabling a more targeted response effort, reducing related costs, and facilitating quicker disaster relief assistance to affected communities.


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