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OneWeb Signs Distribution Agreement for US Delivery

Credit: OneWeb

Ibadan, 15 August 2023. – OneWeb has announced that it signed a distribution partnership agreement with IP Access International to deliver high-speed, low-latency broadband connectivity across the United States. Under this partnership, IP Access International will seamlessly blend OneWeb’s satellite services with all major terrestrial cellular providers in the U.S., providing resilient mobile communications through a single service plan and support center.

This partnership will result in OneWeb’s LEO constellation becoming the first to integrate into IP Access International’s SuperGIG™ service, a connectivity solution specifically for public safety and enterprise-critical mobile operations. The solution can also seamlessly aggregate terrestrial and space-based networks.

OneWeb’s LEO technology will complement, enhance and extend existing IP Access International services and enable robust connectivity in rural areas outside of cellular coverage areas. This also includes urban locations that have been victims of natural disasters and other conditions impacting connectivity.

“Space-based communications has been a cornerstone of resilient communications for decades, but now with the OneWeb LEO constellation, our SuperGIG™ solution will be even faster with lower latency. This will be a game-changer for our clients,” said Bryan Hill, CEO of IP Access.

Likewise, Stephen Beynon, OneWeb’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Adding OneWeb’s high-performance, low-latency connectivity to the IP Access International portfolio gives customers a new and even more robust solution to ensure they meet their mission, regardless of local connectivity services currently in place.”

This is a significant step in OneWeb’s ongoing mission to bridge the digital divide. As a wholesale connectivity provider, OneWeb partners with internet service providers, telecommunication companies and community leaders seeking to deliver broadband services to unconnected, unserved and underserved areas.

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