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Neuraspace Joins NVIDIA Inception for Space Traffic Management

Credit: NVIDIA/Neuraspace

Ibadan, 1 August 2023. – Neuraspace has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program that nurtures startups revolutionizing industries with artificial intelligence (AI). NVIDIA Inception will allow Neuraspace to get faster access to cutting-edge AI-related technology and best-in-class tools while enhancing its existing AI system. Furthermore, it will optimize Neuraspace’s research and development efforts to apply AI to its operational STM system.

In addition, Neuraspace will benefit from NVIDIA’s AI expertise, software frameworks, technical training, hardware for machine learning (ML) training and inference, and embedded AI. Inception will also offer Neuraspace the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts, as well as AI- and edge-driven organizations.

Chiara Manfletti, Director and COO of Neuraspace, said: “Participating in the NVIDIA Inception program allows us to continue our path of revolutionizing the STM industry. This collaboration will propel Neuraspace towards achieving our mission of delivering advanced solutions for safer and more efficient space operations. It is also a testament to Neuraspace’s commitment to innovating space traffic management. By joining this esteemed program, we are poised to benefit from NVIDIA’s top-of-class technologies and expertise.”

An increasing number of satellites and space debris intensifies the risk of collisions that can damage and destroy satellites. This would cause serious environmental damage and huge losses to satellite operators. Current space situational awareness (SSA) and collision avoidance (CA) approaches rely heavily on manual processes and are, therefore, unable to cope with the 15x expected increase in the number of satellites and debris. Commercial STM solutions are necessary to address the urgent needs of satellite operators to minimize operational effort and impact on services.

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