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LeoStella and Hera Systems Establish Strategic Alliance

Credit: LeoStella

Ibadan, 29 August 2023. – LeoStella and Hera Systems have signed a strategic manufacturing alliance to mitigate supply chain risks, increase the reliability of production and delivery schedules and maintain competitive pricing for small satellite constellations. The parties introduced the collaboration through a common manufacturing proposal for the Space Development Agency’s Tranche 2 Transport Layer. As part of the proposal, the companies will collaborate on manufacturing the Hera Systems’ Leoness™ Smart Bus product line.

This collaboration will consequently leverage LeoStella’s manufacturing capabilities. To date, LeoStella has manufactured and delivered 20 satellites and has developed a track record of delivering satellites on time. In addition to these, the Company’s satellites have over 37 years of on-orbit heritage and boast 99% mission availability, delivering high performance and remarkable reliability.

“Our common pursuit of efficient manufacturing and supply chain management will enhance our competitiveness in a sector popular for its complexity,” said Tim Kienberger, LeoStella CEO. “Roger and I recognize the challenges many new space companies experience as they scale to meet production timelines for multi-satellite agreements. This strategic collaboration will leverage our resources to directly address schedule and delivery risks that other providers encounter due to supply chain constraints, facility limitations and staffing shortages.”

Dr. Roger Roberts, Hera Systems president and CEO, further emphasized, “By strategically using our collective resources and expertise, we are tackling the challenges of the space industry head-on. This collaboration allows us to jointly mitigate capacity and supply chain risks that other manufacturers face independently. It enables us to pursue more ambitious projects and meet the associated customer schedule and cost challenges while facilitating measured growth and long-term success for both companies.”

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