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Euroconsult mark 40-year milestone

Credit. Euroconsult
Euroconsult business image. Credit. Euroconsult

London, 13 July 2023.- Euroconsult, the French-based space advisory firm, has announced a major process for evolution for the group and shareholders to mark 40 years of strategic guidance for space stakeholders. The company is seeking to enable and drive forward its next decade of success via a simplified, fully integrated operational structure. 

Euroconsult was established in 1983 and has provided strategic decision-making assistance to over 1,200 clients across 60 countries to date, including ESA, NASA, CNEX, and JAXA. 

On the 12th of July Euroconsult welcomed new investor BNP Paribas Développement, who will join CEO Pacôme Révillon and other new and existing shareholders. Alongside this there will be a wider restructure which will see more responsibility provided to its current management team and some legacy shareholders stepping down. The full integration of all the group’s subsidiaries intends to strengthen the synergies between its various businesses. The engineering arm Satconsult will move to a wholly-owned status, which the company believes will simplify operations and ensure that more value is created for customers and partners. 

“It’s a thrilling time as we celebrate forty years of excellence in our field, target further growth and welcome the arrival of BNP Paribas Développement to the group,” said Pacôme Révillon, CEO of Euroconsult. “Euroconsult increased its size by 60% in the last three years, refining and expanding our operations, whilst reinvigorating our team to ensure we can continue delivering the highest level of value for our clients.

The appointment of BNP Paribas Développement is a boost for Euroconsult, who aim to leverage the relationship with a high-profile investor that aligns with the company’s development model.

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