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SPACECIALIST Partners RIDE! for Launch Services


Ibadan, 13 July 2023. – RIDE and SPACECIALIST have announced a partnership agreement to promote a “one-stop shop” solution for all pre and post-Launch Service Agreement (LSA) needs.

Ride will offer pre-launch service agreements (LSA), including constellation launch opportunity analysis, Rideshare/ Launch opportunity brokerage lSA and backup launch negotiation. The Company will also offer other pre-launch service agreements like relevant partner analysis. In addition to these, the Company will offer post-launch service agreements.

These post-launch agreements will include support meetings with launch providers and partners and identification and coordination of requirements from the launch provider and other relevant entities. RIDE will also offer services around technical information packages for the launch provider and other relevant entities, satellite insurance, and technical & logistics support from the satellite.

RIDE will also offer tests to the launch campaign, integration activities, and logistic support at the launch site. On the other hand, SPACECIALIST will act as RIDE’s agent and provide personal follow through the process, offering mission management services.

Regarding the partnership, Valentin Benoit, RIDE’s CEO, said, “Thanks to this strategic partnership with SPACECIALIST, RIDE! is now expanding our footprint in Israel and the nearby regions. The space ecosystem is facing a key time regarding access to launches; consequently, RIDE! digital platform & services bring a new solution that complements SPACECIALIST’s expertise.”

Similarly, SPACECIALIST’s  CTO, Meidad Pariente, stated, “In the 21” century, we no longer believe that knowledge is power, we believe that sharing knowledge is the real power and by having a “one-stop shop” for all the elements necessary for access to space, we will help the community to design, launch and operate better, more reliable satellites.”

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