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Space Café “Black Ops by Dr. Emma Gatti” with Dr. Namrata Goswami ep. 3 – Recap

Dr. Namrta Goswami during the Space Cafe

Black Ops is our bi-monthly appointment with space geopolitics. This new series sees as visitor guest Dr. Namrata Goswami in dialogue with chief editor Dr. Emma Gatti

China: The Prime Challenger to U.S. Primacy in Space 

The third episode of this special series of Space Cafe Black Ops with Dr. Namrata Goswami as resident guest is focused on China. Throughout the episode differences between the space programs of China and the US are and whether or not it will surpass the US. This episode is part of a seven-episodes series focused on the geopolitics of space. 

This interview in particular focused on:

  • Why is the Moon so critical for China?
  • How does China’s Moon program compare to the US?
  • Should the US be worried about the race between China and Russia in space?
  • How does President Xi compare to the previous leaders?
  • How is the Chinese space program being funded?
  • Are China’s large private players in the space domain acting simultaneously? 

Here you can see the episode in full:

The next episodes will be:

Episode 4: 31st of May 2023 – 4 pm CET – Russia AND Japan: Capable partners in differing space orders

Episode 5: 26th July 2023 – 4 pm CET – India: A Strategy of a Leading Power

Episode 6: 27th September 2023 – 4 pm CET – The new strategy of the Middle East

Episode 7: November 2023 – Europe and Africa: new and old powers at stake

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