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Register Today for our Space Café “Law Breakfast with Steven Freeland” – on 1 June 2023

Space Café “Law Breakfast with Steven Freeland” will analyse current space developments with a legal focus. It will, at the same time discuss and ‘demystify’ the law for everyone.

In our next Space Café “Law Breakfast with Steven Freeland”, Host Steven Freeland, Emeritus Professor of International Law at Western Sydney University, Sydney and Professorial Fellow at Bond University, Australia, and Co-Host Torsten KrieningSpaceWatch.Global’s Publisher, welcome Ruvimbo Samanga and Dr. Antonino Salmeri.

Over bagels, croissants, coffee and other treats, we will discuss many legal issues arising from everyday space activities.

Ruvimbo and Antonino, both leading experts in space law, will also provide their ‘one word’ to describe the wonders of space/space law – a tradition for all guests at the Space Café Law Breakfasts, and help to demystify the sometimes complex and contradictory vested interests involved in space activities and industry.

Ruvimbo Samanga is a Policy Analyst in the Africa team. Prior to joining Access Partnership, she gained experience as a Policy Analyst with Space in Africa, Open Lunar Foundation and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa where she has been responsible for research on regional space programs, business development and policy formation. She also supports various outreach, education and business initiatives. Ruvimbo Samanga has been recognised as a Young Space Leader by the International Astronautical Federation. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Law, a Bachelor of Laws, and a Masters in Trade & Investment Law in Africa from the University of Pretoria.

Dr. Antonino Salmeri is a space lawyer specialized in the governance of lunar and space resource activities. He holds four advanced degrees in law and currently works as Lead of the Lunar Policy Platform Initiative. In his work, Antonino designs inclusive, effective, and impactful governance mechanisms for the cooperative, safe, and sustainable development of the Moon and its resources. Within the space community he holds a few voluntary positions in key organizations, such as Co-Chair of the Space Generation Advisory Council, Governing Member of the International Space University and Member of the International Institute of Space Law. In light of his contributions to the advancement of space law and astronautics, Dr. Antonino Salmeri has been awarded as Young Space Leader by the International Astronautical Federation and presented with the Diederiks-Verschoor Award by the International Institute of Space Law.

We hope you will enjoy this discussion and join us on 1 June at 9:30 am CEST. There are so many issues to discuss. Please come along with your favourite breakfast treat and any questions you might want us to analyse.

We really hope you will join us for breakfast! See you then!

SpaceWatch.Global is a Europe-based digital magazine and portal for those interested in space and the far-reaching impact of the space sector.

This Space Café” Law Breakfast with Steven Freeland” will be conducted in English.

The previous episodes can be found here: Space Café” Law Breakfast with Steven Freeland” – Archive.

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