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Pulsar Fusion receives funding from UK Space Agency for nuclear based space engine

Pulsar Fusion’s electric engine. Credit: Pulsar Fusion

Edinburgh / London, 6 December 2022. – Space tech propulsion hardware and software company Pulsar Fusion, has been awarded funding from the UK Space Agency to develop ‘Integrated nuclear fission-based power systems for electric propulsion,’ the company said.

The Southampton and Cambridge Universities will support the project along with Nuclear AMRC. Pulsar will combine its existing electric propulsion engines with nuclear fission reactor technology. The project will advance professional relationships and help gather data contributing towards the company’s longer-term ambitions for nuclear fusion propulsion.

Pulsar aims to harness nuclear fusion for hyper-speed rocket technology. The company is already manufacturing advanced space rocket engines utilized by the industry. Pulsar believes that its green rocket technologies could be of key importance in flying spacecraft beyond the Solar System.

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