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NeuralAgent and Miratlas Partner on Optical-Laser Communications

Credit: NeuralAgent

Ibadan, 28 December, 2022. – NeuralAgent GmbH, a Munich, Germany-based software intelligence Start-Up, and Miratlas SAS, a French atmospheric data characterization Start-Up, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to join forces for the new space market around building a predictive and robust networking capability for global space-to-earth optical communications around heavy atmospheric conditions.

According to the press release, a primary constraint associated with optical-laser communications for data communications between satellites
and ground stations are atmospheric effects such as cloud cover and rain. These factors typically deteriorate both link availability and data
throughput. However, using NeuralAgent’s AI-based software and Miratlas’ atmospheric data characterization, the companies will create a unique network layer to enable and improve optical links despite weather conditions.

As a result, the partnership will expand both parties’ complementary solutions in the global market for optical communications and accelerate the industry’s adoption of optical laser terminals and links. Dr. Onur Deniz, Chief Executive Officer of NeuralAgent, affirms this as he notes, “through this unique partnership, our vision towards realizing high-bandwidth autonomous networks for space, air, and ground has in place one of the major complementary elements.”

Likewise, the CEO of Miratlas, Dr. Jean-Edouard Communal, added, “with a common vision and complementary technologies, we’re glad to be working with NeuralAgent to speed up the adoption of direct-to-earth optical coms and the extension of the terrestrial network infrastructure into space to support future constellations bandwidth requirement.”

The collaboration between NeuralAgent and Miratlas serves as a significant step forward in the development of an advanced technology layer for robust optical communications.

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