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NASA to launch second Collaborations for Commercial Space Capabilities

Earth and Moon viewed from space. Credit: NASA

Edinburgh, 4 November 2022. – NASA is launching CCSC-2, its second Collaborations for Commercial Space Capabilities initiative to foster the development and growth of the American space industry, the agency said. Under the collaboration, NASA will share its expertise and capabilities to support US company innovations.

CCSC-2 continues to pursue the goals set in the US National Space Policy and NASA’s strategic plan, the agency said. The plan, in turn, will benefit human spaceflight and the country’s commercial low Earth orbit (LEO) economy. A robust LEO economy is expected to boost education and job growth in STEM areas. In addition, it will spur economic growth through the new space markets created in the process.

The program will allow for future business and government needs being met via unfunded Space Act Agreements (SAA). SAAs advance commercial space-related efforts by leveraging NASA’s technical expertise, assessments, information, technologies, and data. NASA released its Announcement for Proposals earlier this week, aiming to select one or more SAAs. The proposal deadline is 9th December.

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